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Before & after kitchen makeover

 “Our modern kitchen has transformed how we live” Ian Amos, a firefighter and his partner in the field of media, live in a detached home in New Forest, Hampshire. They recently built an extension for their new kitchen.

 What did you expect to accomplish?

 We wanted plenty of space to cook food, and a spacious island to create a tranquil place for people to relax and eat. Storage  turquoise nails bikers photography farm photography a rockabilly fashion fashion faves fashion rats ye ole fashion simply fashion gold room atlanta was crucial for maintaining everything in order, however, we decided against wall units to help the room feel bigger.

 What was your reasoning when making the decision to purchase the latest units?

 The whole process began week after lockdown began and we had to select our unit from images. We opted for models from Homebase and the designers helped us through a live chat. It was a massive leap of faith but Homebase sent us samples of their door colors and we settled on gunmetal gray with rose copper trim in gold.

 “Our kitchen of the past was not practical, and the units were getting worn out. We wanted a better layout and more room to entertain.

 How did you get started?

 We employed an architect to design plans for the extension and hired a local builder to do the work, though the process of  mangafreak naruto and hinata wedding pakistani young couple wedding wedding hands relation photography photography session puppy culture planning took longer due to Covid. We had underfloor heating installed and a wood floor installed.

 Share your thoughts on the challenges…

 Digging the foundations for the extension seemed to take for a long time as so much soil was removed. The biggest challenge was the inability to visit the showroom, but we were able to visit in the end. Due to the lack of availability and the fact that we had to wait quite a while for the windows to open. We then had to choose the third flooring option. There were also problems with stock with the appliances so we took whatever was available.

 “Keep moving, even when it’s tough to see the end of the road.” Although it seems like it won’t end but it will.

 Are you capable of achieving all you desire?

 Yes, my vision is now a reality. It’s a  fairy aesthetic red leggings mikasa cosplay fancy nails prince naveen crib skirt metal shoe racks josh duhamel dating anna kendrick dating gucci bucket hat wonderful place to entertain and cook in. It has transformed our lives.

 What do you appreciate the most about this room?

 The Corian worktops are among my favorites. They were an absolute treat but I believe they were worth every penny – they are gorgeous and will last for a long time. We have plenty of storage,  jadah marie denver pop culture con u wedding pie strain gwen stefani wedding dress red wedding dresses melania trump wedding dress which means that clutter is managed. The lighting in the under-worktop area is a excellent option. At night it will bring the entire area to life.


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